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What Lies in Pain Sight

This film functions as an introduction to subliminal messages and symbolism.  
In this film Lenon Honor uses Michael Jackson's song and video "Beat It" as an
example of the subliminal programming present in the entertainment industry.  
Lenon Honor also explainins the deeper subliminal storyline present within the
song and video "Beat It".
The Creator, the gods, evil, and the manipulation of humanity

What is the Creator?  What is god?  Is there a difference between the two?  
This film, as an allegorical treatment, challenges the religio-centric proposition
of the god-concept and its standing within the heirarchical structure in the
The Workings of Evil

This documentary launched a new genre of analysis concerning occult
symbolism within the entertainment industry.  "The Workings of Evil" is an epic
work wherein Lenon Honor decodes the deeper subliminal meanings present
in Rihana's song and video "Umbrella".  This documentary was also the first to
explore the entity "Rain Man" as is found within the video Umbrella.
The Workings of Evil - Revisited

This film is the much anticipated follow-up to the ground breaking documentary
"The Workings of Evil".  In this follow-up film Lenon Honor goes deeper into
the concept of possession as is expressed within the occult symbolism present
in the entertainment industry.  Lenon Honor also provides more examples of
the "Rain Man" entity as seen within the music industry.  
The Early Works of Walt Disney; The Foundation of a Pedophilic Institution

This documentary reveals the truth that the Disney institution was founded on
pedophilia as is evident in the Alice Comedies (1923-1927).  Lenon Honor
illustrates how the Disney institution has a long standing history with
propagandizing the concept of race, racial superiority, racial inferiority, and
racial stereotypes.
Demons in the Outfield

This documentary offers a deep analysis of the Disney film "Angels in the
Outfield".  On the surface level Angels in the Outfield tells a tale of family, fun,
and baseball.  However, the deeper level subliminal storyline speaks of
pedophilia.  In this film Lenon Honor also introduces the concept of The
Temporal Transference of the Subliminal Character Imprint.
Demons in the Outfield - Revisited

Using the concept of The Temporal Transference of the Subliminal Character
Imprint Lenon Honor shows how the film "Mysterious Skin" is the subliminal
continuation of the pedophilic film "Angels in the Outfield".
Beat It Jerk

In this short film Lenon Honor shows how the same subliminal programming
that was present in Michael Jackson's Beat It" is represented within the New
Boyz' song and video "You're a Jerk".  Michael Jackson's "Beat It" premiered in
1983.  New Boyz' "You're a Jerk" premiered in 2009.  Both films speak of male
homosexual group masturbation.
The new breed; rulers of humanity

This film was created so as to illustrate how allegorical stories can be easily
interpreted as historical fact.  This film includes an allegorical treatment of the
biblical story of the garden of Eden.
Who is Oro Oyogomunde?

One of Lenon Honor's most popular productions, Who is Oro Oyogomunde is
filled with twists and turns.  In the end the answer to the question "Who is
Oro Oyogomunde?" is revealed.
This documentary is expansive and addresses many topics
including subliminal messages, symbolism, transhumanism,
the occult, human consciousness, DNA, spirituality, media
manipulation, mind control, technological dependency,
race-based mind control programming, and much more.

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The Presidential Elections are a fraud

This film  proposes that the presidential elections are contrived, predetermined,
and part of a global mind control apparatus.  In this film Lenon Honor explains
how the two party system is an illusion fabricated so as to provide the masses
with the perception of choice.
Media Mind Control and The BP Oil Spill in the Gulf Of Mexico

This documentary explores the various degrees of propaganda employed by
media to sell the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico as the greatest ecological
catastrophe of our time.  This documentary is vital for anyone who wishes to
understand how media manipulates the psychological condition of the human
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This lecture series takes a critical look at how Hip Hop has
been manipulated by the entertainment industry and how
Hip Hop has contributed to the degradation of masculinity
and manhood.

This lecture series is regarded as one of Lenon Honor's
most controversial works and has received the greatest
level of appreciation and the greatest level of

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